Friday, December 30, 2011

Three Ways to Wear Cool Tones Top & CRPS P.T. O.O.T.D.

Do you like all my acronyms? :) Here are a few ways I've worn out my Cool Tones Top from Anthropologie taken from my outfit archives. I think I really wore it more during the fall and winter last year than I did during the warmer months. I prefer it layered over a shirt -- surprise.

Here it is layered over my favorite layering top, the Pure and Good Slub Tee. I've probably written this before, but I wish they had brought this tee back in more colors. It was ridiculously overpriced for what it is, so I had to wait for sale, and by then I could only get it in red, black and white. They are perfect for layering as they are thin, just low enough at the neck, and have interesting detail at the neck and cuff.

This time I layered it over a collared shirt with cuffs -- an old DKNY top. I had some WILD hair that night. I don't know the brand or name of these shoes. I got them on sale at the Gap. They are really cute and pretty comfortable for the height.

Then I threw on one of my favorite blazers, the Flipside Blazer. This is the year that Anthro had so many cool blazers, I had to pick and choose, and really wish I had gotten more because I love this style, and there haven't been any I've been interested in this season!

CRPS / RSD Update (Click here for more information about this condition.)
So far so good on the Lyrica. As I said before, it makes me extremely sleepy when I take it before bed, but it doesn't give me a lingering hung over feeling in the morning. I woke up with a horrendous headache yesterday that never really went away. I still had it when I went to bed, but no headache today. I'm not sure if this is even related to the Lyrica or Tramadol. So I hope this helps anyone else like me that was scared to take this drug.

In physical therapy today, we started with desentization exercises. She gently rubbed my foot all over for about 5 lovely, wonderful minutes and then she switched to rubbing it with a soft piece of material, then to a sheet, and then she rubbed it all over with a rough towel. Apparently, one of the nice symptoms of RSD, which I have yet to feel thank goodness, is extreme sensitivity to touch. So part of my treatment will be activities such as these to try to keep this from happening. We then moved on to the usual abc's, circles, and towel stretches, but she added heel raises, toe taps, and toe scrunches. I've been very impressed with both therapists I've seen. We laughed the whole time about one thing or another and especially when I would catch my other foot trying to go through the same motions as the bad foot. It was hilarious. I had to really concentrate to keep my good foot still. It's like the good foot was rooting on the bad foot, "Come on little buddy, you can do it! Like this -- see?" Yes, if you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a dork. ha, ha.

Here's my Physical Therapy OOTD. :)

My new and improved stabilizer boot. This one fits much better.

I love these Nike warm-up jackets. I have a couple, but wish I had gotten more. I really end up wearing them more as a shirt as I get cold very easily. I got these at the Nike Outlet along with the workout pants.

I can't figure out why I am having to approve some of the comments. I have double checked my Intense Debate settings and am at a loss as I don't have anything checked like that and I turned off the filter. Rest assured, I will approve comments as soon as I see them.

Rainbows and kittens,

Thursday, December 29, 2011

More 50% Anthro Items for Review - Helpful for Popbacks?

More items that I scored during the 50% off sale at Anthropologie this December. Avery Pullover, Borderline Belt (with Tweedy Leaves dress), Renewed Folds Pullover, and Essentially Yours Top. That's all that's left except for the Glittering Persica Dress which I'm saving hopefully for a full outfit post.

I get better photo quality when I take the photos in the bathroom, but it is so much easier with my foot issues to just take them in my closet, so deal with the white specks. :D It's becoming my signature look after all.

Borderline Belt
In my humble opinion, this is the perfect belt to go with the Tweedy Leaves Dress. It has to be buckled on the 1st or 2nd buckle for the buckle to align perfectly, so you may want to size up. I tend to wear my belts higher so this works for me. When I tried to wear this with the Peppering Skirt, it sat lower and I had to buckle it on the 3rd buckle which made it off centered. It is actually a black belt with brown weaving, but still looks fine with this dress.

Tying it on with a dress to decide if the belt is a keeper.

Tweedy Leaves Dress, Borderline Belt, J Crew sweater

Renewed Folds Pullover
I love this top. It has shoulder pads! I'm still debating on whether to take them out.

Avery Pullover
I wanted this sooo badly. I was so worried I wouldn't get it during the promotion, but luckily there was one left in my size. I was sooo disappointed when I pulled it out and put it on. It did me no favors as it just seemed to hang on me and looked boxy. It also didn't flatter my small chest! 

So, I flung it to the top of my closet intending to return it. I only pulled it out today because I was going through what I wanted to take back and thought I would try it on for others who might be considering this as a popback item in their wishlists. 

Well, what do you know, now I think I like it, and when my husband came in from work while I was trying it on, he told me it was cute and he thought it looked good with the scarf. I still think it is boxy and doesn't do my bosom any favors, but I like the boho layered look. 

I got this for 50% off sale. Should I keep it or am I suffering once again from my well documented 7 Stages of Anthro Shopper Mind Control DisorderHelp! (You won't hurt my feelings.)

Avery Pullover, Iznik Scarf,  Renewed Fold Pullover
 P.S. I still don't know what I'm doing with wearing a scarf. I need to google it. ;)

Essentially Yours Top
Almost paper thin but very soft. You have to wear a camisole under this and a neutral colored bra as well. I love the slight cowl neck. This will make a great layering shirt, and will give my poor Pure and Good Slub Tee a much needed break. :) I would love to score a popback in the red.

Essentially yours,

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Advantage In Skirt Outfits and Foot Update

Advantage Skirt with: Thick and Thin Henley Top, Coral Petal Top, Borrowed Blazer, Bisected Bow Jacket and Redux Jacket.

Some of you possibly, maybe purchased the Advantage In Skirt last year. It didn't get the greatest reviews, but I had really been wanting a gray denim skirt to wear with my black Hunter boots, so I took the plunge. I like it, but I don't love it. Since I got it on deep sale, I'm fine with this. I don't love it because it isn't lined and is therefore prone to static issues when wearing it with tights, which leads to the whole slip issue. Who wants to wear a slip with a casual denim skirt? Plus, it tends to poof a bit if the pleats aren't ironed and starched. I'm much pickier about issues like this now, and have to really love something if I'm going to deal with a slip or ironing. (I prefer to steam.)

Anyway, I'm dredging these photos from the archives as today was my first day of physical therapy, so my outfit was not photo worthy and I was too tired to finish trying on the last of my purchases and returns. I promise I'll get that done soon.

So on with the outfits . . .

These are photos of one of my infamous try-on sessions last year.

Coral Petals Top, Redux Jacket
Coral Petals Top under sweater
Bisected Bow Jacket
Thick and Thin Henley. I love this shirt. It goes with so many different types of outfits

Borrowed Blazer

I'm going to update my foot stuff at the bottom of outfit/review posts from now on, for those who are reading for updates with my tendon/RSD saga. In that way, my fashion friends can just skip over that stuff. It's easier just to plop it all here in this one blog. 

Quick Foot Update:

Day 1 of physical therapy. Physical therapist measured foot, measured range of motion, felt for pain areas. I did circles, alphabet movements with toes, and stretching to improve range of motion. My poor foot can hardly move and it went into spasms almost the whole time. He told me this is typical of RSD. Yay! I don't want to be classic, typical RSD. Boo. I'm so out of shape that even with Lyrica in my system and a whole pain pill, my leg ached a few hours later. I mean, ACHED from just doing little movements with my foot. That's pitiful. :)

Day 1 of Lyrica (and taking pain pills the way I'm supposed to.) 

The doctor told me Lyrica would help trick my nervous system into thinking nothing is wrong and would help me with the spasms, pins and needles, cold sensations and shooting pains. I didn't want to take it because the side effects are scary, but he told me that taking it, and managing my pain might just be all I need to beat this as we caught it early. 

I weighed this morning -- 108.8. We will see if I gain weight or bloat up as I was warned I might. I am going to allow for the P.F. Chang's spring rolls, crab wontons, and chicken low mein that I had for lunch and then dinner today. ha, ha. 

Day 1 Results?
It's amazing how much better it feels not to be in pain all the time. I guess I should have been taking my pain medicine regularly this whole time. duh :) The Lyrica did not make me feel dizzy or tipsy as some have said. I felt fine today. It did make me very sleepy. I took the first one last night along with my usual Tramadol, and it helped me have one of my best night's sleep in a long time. (My foot usually bothers me all night and keeps me up even with a whole pain pill.) When I woke up at 8:00, I was sleepy, but not an unmanageable sleepy. After a couple of cups of coffee, I was good to go. Even after taking a whole pain pill, which I'm not used to doing during the day, I still wasn't so sleepy that I couldn't concentrate or felt like nodding off. It was just a normal, tired feeling -- the kind we all deal with at work after not sleeping well. I have been fighting taking a nap all day, but never felt like I just had to go to sleep. So, that's good. That means so far, so good. I'll be able to take these pills when I go back to work next week. I have high hopes now for Lyrica helping me with my issues. Hooray!

The physical therapy is starting to sink in now. My foot is really talking to me, but that is to be expected. I go back to P.T. on Friday and we will do more. He wants to start slowly because of the RSD and also, he couldn't read my doctor's directions for P.T. so he didn't want to do anything else until he got someone to decipher it. How hilarious is that? :D

Till tomorrow,

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

CRPS: Watch Your Step! You better watch your step . . .

This is sound advice! I love Elvis Costello, and I wish I had indeed watched my step that fateful night because I got some bad news from my doctor today.

Watch Your Step by Elvis Costello & The Attractions on Grooveshark

The lovely culprit.
Well, if you've been following me, you are aware that I started this blog as a means of distraction during a period of bed rest following tendon/ligament/nerve damage in my foot from a klutzy near fall in my Tom's wedges. :) In between sharing outfits incorporating my stylish air stabilizer boot, I've been trying to document my foot woes in case this may be helpful for others out there with similar issues. :)

I've been dealing with pain, swelling, spasms, cold, numbness, color changes, and pins and needles sensations in my foot for 13 weeks. (Photo of foot at the bottom of this post.) Today I finally went to the foot specialist and received the diagnosis I feared -- Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) formally referred to as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSD). Thanks to excellent doctors, it has been caught early, so my chances of beating this, or causing it to go into remission are much better. Lucky for me, my bones are unaffected at this point. A lovely side effect of this syndrome is loss of bone density and muscle atrophy.

My doctor got onto me for not taking my pain medicine at the full dosage, (I've been taking 1/2 a pill on an irregular basis, and a whole pill only when the pain is really aggravating. I hate how pain meds make me feel.) and he told me that I must take Lyrica to manage the nerve issues. My previous doctor suspected RSD, and prescribed Lyrica but I wouldn't take it. I mean, have you heard the side effects in those commercials? ACK! He reassured me about the possible weight gain with Lyrica, telling me that it is usually as a result of water retention and will go away when I stop taking the medicine. Of course, that's what I fixated on, not the "thoughts of suicide" part of the side effects. ha, ha.

Anyway, my doctor is hopeful that physical therapy coupled with Lyrica and nerve blocks, could have me looking at getting better in 2 or 3 more months. I'm to continue walking with the boot, but I did get a new, lighter boot. :) I start physical therapy tomorrow and will see a Pain Management Specialist to look at my next steps which possibly include sympathetic nerve blocks. He stressed the most important thing I can do right now is manage the pain, as pain sensations somehow tie into the whole wacky nerve response and this makes the RSD worse, as does stress.

I am naturally, very upset right now, but I will fight this and get through it as I get through everything through prayer and familial support, with a hefty dose of laughter and a side of goofiness. :D

Come back to me, V.B.!

After all, there are multiple rows of lovely, lonely shoes beckoning to me from my closet.


Yours truly, 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas OOTD: What are you in for? Repeat Outfit Offender

Stick 'em up, I've got a gun in my pocket, AND I'm not afraid of repeating variations of the same outfits within a few weeks period -- just TRY ME! :)

Example of my DUH posing.
On a more serious note, I was so happy to attend service at my church on Christmas Day. We sang lots of Christmas hymns and listened to an uplifting sermon, which helped to put the day into perspective for what it is really meant to be -- a celebration of the birth of Christ. 

I was a multiple repeat outfit offender thoughout the day. However, no one I was with was harmed in the process, nor has seen any of the said outfits, except for maybe my dad, and that's okay. :) I wore a variation of the Lucerna Dress pictured here (with a cream camisole) to church and then changed into a Christmas version of the Arched Pleats Pullover outfit to hang out with my family at my Dad's house. This was a difficult year for all of us, as my mother passed away in February of last year, so this was our first Christmas without her. 

Arched Pleats Pullover, Ann Taylor Loft shirt, Sweeping Pips necklace

Gasp! A real photo without speckles. I tried to get my husband to take a few shots, but too late, I discovered that he zoomed in on all of them but this one, so you couldn't actually see the outfit, bless his heart, so here are the normal inside shots below. For some reason, these came out pretty decent -- I have no idea why. I was even tempted not to crop out my head, but I just don't feel comfortable having my face out "there."

Arched Pleats Pullover with Banana Republic coat, and part of my head

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I finally get to see the foot specialist tomorrow, so here's to hoping for some good news . . . . 


Friday, December 23, 2011

Anthropologie Sale Reviews Part 3

Reviews of: Scavenger Hunt Bracelet in clear and grey, Peppering Skirt, Twisted Ascot Tee, Fleeting Seas Top, Borderline Belt, Arched Pleats Pullover, Renewed Fold Pullover

Just some quick photos of sale stuff. I'm not really going to do much commentary this time. For one reason, I'm not really sure if anyone is reading these posts and it takes a long time to put them together. However, I know how helpful it is for me to see items on someone that is similar in size to me, so hopefully this might help someone in deciding on some last minute 50% off sale purchases. 

I'm lucky in that there is a store about 30 minutes away from me, but I would much rather order from home, try on the clothes with what I have and then send back what doesn't work. Plus, when I do go to the store, most of what I am looking for isn't there or I can't find it in my size. That is why I love all the bloggers out there willing to put up photos and take the time to write up reviews for the community. It really helps me when deciding what to order.

All items pictured are XS or 0. I am on the high end of what is considered petite, at 5'4, and my weight fluctuates between 108 to 110. I'm not linking to anything because I'm pretty sure all of these items have sold out by now. 

These photos are up to my usual high standards -- enjoy. :D

Scavenger Hunt Bracelets
I am so happy with these. They didn't photograph well, (shocking) but they fit my twig wrists very well as is. The bracelets are adjustable but I don't want to mess with them! It is so hard for me to find bracelets, so I'm very pleased and happy that I scored these on sale. I'll probably get my crafty friend to trim the ends and reknot them as the ends are a bit dangly on me.

Scavenger Hunt Bracelet
Peppering Skirt and Twisted Ascot Tee
I just got this skirt and the bracelets yesterday. I waffled back and forth on the skirt and even deleted it from my wishlist at one point, only to put it back in. When I woke up bright and early for the 50% off sale, I couldn't believe it was sitting there in my wishlist for $35! I was worried about it being garish, but as others have said, photos don't do this skirt justice. I couldn't get any really good photos of the side or back, but the pattern continues and is just lovely. Reviewers around the same height as me, seemed to feel the length was too long, but I like the length on me. It falls just past my knees. However, it isn't a good length for boots. It needs to be longer or shorter, so it will be awhile until I can wear this skirt! :'(

I didn't want to take the time to decide between these photos, so I just threw them all on here. I always take photos of potential pairings with new items. It makes getting ready so much easier when you can grab your phone or iPad and look up potential outfits. It also helps me to see what I like and don't like together. For example, I tried on the Wispy Pointelle Cardi and liked it until I saw it in the photos.

I haven't been this enthused about an outfit in awhile. Excuse the awkwardness of the poses, but I was determined to try on this outfit with normal shoes so I had to prop my bad foot on my dressing stool. I'm wearing last year's Prized Peep Toe shoes in these pictures.

No belt

Awkward side view with Wispy Cardi. Look how sad my other leg looks -- the muscle is just gone after 3 months of no walking.

Borderline Belt
I really like the texture and contrasting colors on this belt, but it is one of those belts that doesn't center right with the buckle unless you are the perfect size. I'll need to try it on with more and experiment to decide if it is a keeper. 

Here it is with an Urban Outfitter's knock off  belt I got off of Ebay. The belt stunk to high heaven, but after airing out on my deck for a few days, the smell went away. These are easy to find. I think I paid around $12 or less, can't remember. I have it in chocolate brown as well.

Ta Dah! I wish I had a photographer to take a photo of this completed look because the photos don't bring out much, I'm afraid, but I love this with the Redux Jacket. 

Fleeting Seas Top
Ack! Not more gray! I swear I'm not buying anything else gray, unless it is really, really cool. I threw this in the cart because it was so cheap, I couldn't resist. It said Navy and in my hurry to be sure I got the skirt, I guess I didn't notice how very gray it is! It is really cute and I do love stripes. 

Arched Pleats Pullover, Renewed Folds Pullover
I wore this out last night. It looks kind of late 80's but I like it. :)

I love this jacket. I went into Marshalls last year to get some tights and walked out with three coats, all under $40 dollars each and very unique. I think the brand is Coffee Shop.??? I'm not going to pull on my boot or crawl to the closet to check the label. :) It was really hard to decide between all the cute coats they had that day. 

That's all folks for today. I do have more I can share if anyone is interested. Are these reviews helpful? Anyone out there? :) It's time to order the Honeybaked Ham.

Yours truly,

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Murder! Mayhem! Death Comes to Pemberly by P.D. James

Death at Pemberly? Odious indeed!

Dawn by Soundtrack on Grooveshark

If you check out my profile to see what books and authors I love, and I'm sure you all have by now, you will note that I love Jane Austen and the great mystery author, P.D. James. So imagine my delight when I discovered a mystery sequel to Pride and Prejudice while surfing the iBook store in a fit of sheer bed-rest induced boredom (breath) written by none other than my beloved P.D. James! She is a noted mystery novelist, best known for her Adam Dalgleish Detective stories.

The Blurb:
The year is 1803, and Darcy and Elizabeth have been married for six years. There are now two handsome and healthy sons in the Pemberley nursery, Elizabeth's beloved sister Jane and her husband, Bingley, live within seventeen miles, the ordered and secure life of Pemberley seems unassailable, and Elizabeth's happiness in her marriage is complete. But their peace is threatened and old sins and misunderstandings are rekindled on the eve of the annual autumn ball. The Darcys and their guests are preparing to retire for the night when a chaise appears, rocking down the path from Pemberley's wild woodland, and as it pulls up, Lydia Wickham, an uninvited guest, tumbles out, screaming that her husband has been murdered.

In a pitch-perfect recreation of the world of Pride and Prejudice, P.D. James elegantly fuses her lifelong passion for the work of Jane Austen with her talent for writing detective fiction. She weaves a compelling story, combining a sensitive insight into the happy but threatened marriage of the Darcys and the excitement and suspense of a brilliantly crafted detective story.

Death Comes to Pemberley enshrines the qualities her readers have come to expect: psychological and emotional richness of characterization, vivid evocation of place, and a credible and superbly structured plot, in a powerful and distinguished work of fiction.
Mr. Wickham
Death? What delightful character meets an untimely and most distasteful end? Who could possibly be a suspect? Hmm . . . who *could* that be? (I have my ideas.)

I have high hopes for this sequel. I've just begun reading it, as I've only just discovered it today. It starts off with a quick recap for those who may not have read the original story and is written in a style very similar to the original. Would Jane Austen approve? Read the note written by P.D. James below.

Author's Note:

I owe an apology to the shade of Jane Austen for involving her beloved Elizabeth in the trauma of a murder investigation, especially as in the final chapter of Mansfield Park Miss Austen made her views plain: "Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery. I quit such odious subjects as soon as I can, impatient to restore everybody not greatly in fault themselves to tolerable comfort, and to have done with all the rest." No doubt she would have replied to my apology by saying that, had she wished to dwell on such odious subjects, she would have written this story herself, and done it better.

P.D. James, 2011

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

I must admit to falling prey to the zombiefied version of Pride and Prejudice a few years ago. It utterly cracked me up for the first few chapters and then failed to sustain my attention. I ended up skimming to the end, where it did admittedly crack me up once again -- (tut, tut) poor Mr. Wickham.

Here's to hoping this version is more readable and true to the original intent. Ahhhh . . . Mr. Darcy!

Sincerely and with the utmost civility,

Which movie version of Pride & Prejudice is your favorite? I love the A&E version, but the 2005 movie with Keira Knightley is just soooo romantic and I know I will be vilified for saying this, but I much prefer Keira's characterization of Elizabeth. My dad owns both copies of these, and I've seen them several times, but the 2005 movie is the one I "borrowed" two years ago, and haven't gotten around to returning. ha, ha. 

Two is Always Better Than One: My favorite gift so far . . . from me.

What She Came For? 
Stila - Dream in Full Color Palette: 

What She Came for by Franz Ferdinand on Grooveshark

(Okay, this is my cheesy way of pushing some of my favorite artists. Click it, click it. Here's a dancy tune for your listening pleasure from Franz Ferdinand.) 

I always seem to know just what I want --it's just a knack I have. This is the greatest gift I bought myself for Christmas with my Sephora Beauty Insiders $25 gift card discount. I am not a make-up junkie and don't even pretend to know what I'm doing. :) So take my word for it when I say this is a fool proof palette. I have the Naked Palette and love it, but for me this palette kicks the Naked Palette's butt. Why? Cheaper, more variety, blushes and a bonus eye-liner for starts. These eye shadows do not disappoint as they are highly pigmented, blendable, and stay put. I haven't tried an eyeshadow or blush that I haven't liked yet. 

The eye liner is also wonderful. I was hesitant to try out the eyeliner at work because I'm cursed with eyelids that cause eyeliners and mascara to smudge within hours. (I now have my holy grail long-wear products that I'll share in a separate post.)  I wore it the other night for the first time and it passed the stay put test although I've yet to put it through a work day/concert test. I'll let you know later how it holds up. 

It also comes with a lookbook to show you how to create different looks. I've tried a couple, and my husband has actually commented on how nice my eye makeup looked. I read some reviews that said these shadows aren't pigmented and I beg to differ. I always wonder if these people just don't know about the charms of a good lid primer such as Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Oh, I also really like the blushes.  

So do yourself a favor and drop this in a friend's stocking and fill up your own while you're at it. :) It is a foolproof gift.

Stila - Dream in Full Color Palette
Included with the palette is a step-by-step artistry lookbook to show you how to apply each eye shadow shade and create countless looks for day and night. 

Palette includes:
- 29 eye shadow shades
- 7 cheek colors 
- Best-selling Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Stingray 
- 16-page lookbook

At a $366 value for less than $40, this is the perfect holiday season gift. But don't forget to treat yourself. Two is always better than one. Size: eye shadows total: .65 oz. /18.5 g, cheek color total: .38 oz. /10.8 g; Smudge: .01 oz./ .28 g

May Santa fulfill your every gift loving dream,

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Called Out In the Dark - Dark Gray Reviews That Is

Oh, ha, ha. I'm going stir crazy. However, I'm still dutifully resting my stupid foot. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy listening to music and going to concerts? That's how I injured my foot -- while on stage (Actually, while leaving the stage) at a concert after being pulled up there by one of my FAVORITE artists. More on that later, I don't feel comfortable enough with you all yet to share this most wondrously exciting yet embarrassingly klutzy moment with you yet. You'll have to wait on that. If you are curious about what I'm listening to, click on my profile for a short list of my favorite groups. I couldn't possibly list them all. :)

While writing up this round of reviews, I had the genius idea to look to see if the new Snow Patrol album is on Grooveshark and it is. They are a group from Ireland probably best known for "Chasing Cars" here in the U.S. I discovered them via Pandora about 3 or 4 years ago and amazingly enough, I had never heard any of their music until then, even the ubiquitous "Chasing Cars." I got hooked on "Run" and "Chocolate" with the result being that starting with the album Final Straw -- my favorite of all -- I ended up buying all of the albums and becoming a firm fan. That's how I roll. I find a band and if I love them, I buy the albums and support the live shows.

So anyway, listening to the Snow Patrol album straight through for the first time (Not out in the U.S. yet.) and enjoying what I'm hearing so far. Gary Lightbody is hilarious, witty, has a way with words, and is a bit adorable. Well, actually all the band members are. That's a huge reason why I like them so much. Here we are hanging out. ha, ha. (That's right, I get around.) Nathan Connolly is on the other side but I had to crop him out to preserve my anonymity. Could I look any happier or dorkier? I told them I am a blinker in photos and Gary said, "Oh, should we blink as well?" I said, "No!" emphatically and that's why we are all cracking up. Bonus: I didn't blink.

Me and G.
He is really tall. I look tiny next to him.
So, here's a song to enjoy while reading this amazingly witty and insightful review of two tops that haven't been styled, taken with a crappy camera in crappy lighting, with the end result being . . . crappy photographs. I'm delirious. This is only day 4 of bedrest. What am I going to do?

(Gary Lightbody is the "real" lead singer in the green tshirt in the video below.)

After watching this, check out some of their older videos. 

Well, enough of that nonsense. I've managed to twitter, blog and thoroughly procrastinate my day away. It's almost time for my husband to come home and save me from my delirium. Have I mentioned lately how wonderful he is? While I've been lying around, he took off from work, finished packing up my room and helped move everything back into the building. He wouldn't even let me come supervise. What a saint. I'm getting my dinner order ready as I write. ha, ha.

Madeira Tank

Nice armpit shot. I'm not charging extra for that.
I purchased this during the 50% off sale promo. I think this can be styled up pretty cool and will look better with a tan, a shirt layered underneath or paired with a boyfriend blazer. It was ridiculously cheap. This is the XS and it fits a bit loosely.

Gathered and Give Top

'll leave you with another birthday discount purchase that does not photograph well. This is my second attempt. It really brings out the low light dandruff fleck look that my camera is so fond of. So, I give up. Here it is, spots and all. :) Bonus - I'm all about the bonus -- the dandruff shirt is shown with my Target silver lasso necklace and the silver Golden Pinnate necklace. Now how do you like that? 

Gathered and Give Top, Golden Pinnate Necklace (silver)

This shirt really layers well under other looser shirts, so there's another bonus for you. Here it is paired under the Swivel Revolutions Top. 

Now do you see why I shared the video? Not much to see here. Now, move along.

Yours truly,