Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Advantage In Skirt Outfits and Foot Update

Advantage Skirt with: Thick and Thin Henley Top, Coral Petal Top, Borrowed Blazer, Bisected Bow Jacket and Redux Jacket.

Some of you possibly, maybe purchased the Advantage In Skirt last year. It didn't get the greatest reviews, but I had really been wanting a gray denim skirt to wear with my black Hunter boots, so I took the plunge. I like it, but I don't love it. Since I got it on deep sale, I'm fine with this. I don't love it because it isn't lined and is therefore prone to static issues when wearing it with tights, which leads to the whole slip issue. Who wants to wear a slip with a casual denim skirt? Plus, it tends to poof a bit if the pleats aren't ironed and starched. I'm much pickier about issues like this now, and have to really love something if I'm going to deal with a slip or ironing. (I prefer to steam.)

Anyway, I'm dredging these photos from the archives as today was my first day of physical therapy, so my outfit was not photo worthy and I was too tired to finish trying on the last of my purchases and returns. I promise I'll get that done soon.

So on with the outfits . . .

These are photos of one of my infamous try-on sessions last year.

Coral Petals Top, Redux Jacket
Coral Petals Top under sweater
Bisected Bow Jacket
Thick and Thin Henley. I love this shirt. It goes with so many different types of outfits

Borrowed Blazer

I'm going to update my foot stuff at the bottom of outfit/review posts from now on, for those who are reading for updates with my tendon/RSD saga. In that way, my fashion friends can just skip over that stuff. It's easier just to plop it all here in this one blog. 

Quick Foot Update:

Day 1 of physical therapy. Physical therapist measured foot, measured range of motion, felt for pain areas. I did circles, alphabet movements with toes, and stretching to improve range of motion. My poor foot can hardly move and it went into spasms almost the whole time. He told me this is typical of RSD. Yay! I don't want to be classic, typical RSD. Boo. I'm so out of shape that even with Lyrica in my system and a whole pain pill, my leg ached a few hours later. I mean, ACHED from just doing little movements with my foot. That's pitiful. :)

Day 1 of Lyrica (and taking pain pills the way I'm supposed to.) 

The doctor told me Lyrica would help trick my nervous system into thinking nothing is wrong and would help me with the spasms, pins and needles, cold sensations and shooting pains. I didn't want to take it because the side effects are scary, but he told me that taking it, and managing my pain might just be all I need to beat this as we caught it early. 

I weighed this morning -- 108.8. We will see if I gain weight or bloat up as I was warned I might. I am going to allow for the P.F. Chang's spring rolls, crab wontons, and chicken low mein that I had for lunch and then dinner today. ha, ha. 

Day 1 Results?
It's amazing how much better it feels not to be in pain all the time. I guess I should have been taking my pain medicine regularly this whole time. duh :) The Lyrica did not make me feel dizzy or tipsy as some have said. I felt fine today. It did make me very sleepy. I took the first one last night along with my usual Tramadol, and it helped me have one of my best night's sleep in a long time. (My foot usually bothers me all night and keeps me up even with a whole pain pill.) When I woke up at 8:00, I was sleepy, but not an unmanageable sleepy. After a couple of cups of coffee, I was good to go. Even after taking a whole pain pill, which I'm not used to doing during the day, I still wasn't so sleepy that I couldn't concentrate or felt like nodding off. It was just a normal, tired feeling -- the kind we all deal with at work after not sleeping well. I have been fighting taking a nap all day, but never felt like I just had to go to sleep. So, that's good. That means so far, so good. I'll be able to take these pills when I go back to work next week. I have high hopes now for Lyrica helping me with my issues. Hooray!

The physical therapy is starting to sink in now. My foot is really talking to me, but that is to be expected. I go back to P.T. on Friday and we will do more. He wants to start slowly because of the RSD and also, he couldn't read my doctor's directions for P.T. so he didn't want to do anything else until he got someone to decipher it. How hilarious is that? :D

Till tomorrow,