Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm a Copycat! Review: Crochet Cuff Henley

I really regretted missing out on the Free People Motorcuff Henley after seeing it reviewed by Roxy from Effortless Anthropologie last year. I made the mistake of waiting until it hit sale, and then my size/color got sold out.

So when I saw a similar Henley reviewed here at Wardrobe Review (Wish I had her vest now!), I pounced during a recent discount promotion and bought two, because I couldn't decide between charcoal and black and oh, who am I kidding, we all know I have a problem with multiple color buying. Ha, ha. (cough)

I am so not that cool!
Although, I'm still saying to myself  that I'm going to just pick one and send the other one back. Maybe some helpful readers can help me make up my mind on this one. I asked my husband and his response was, and I quote, "Are you planning on wearing that to the Renaissance Fair? If so, then it is  Kicka$$." He is so not helpful!

Traveling Minstrel - Where's me flute?
according to my husband
I think the detailing is more apparent in the charcoal version, but the black version is going to be more versatile and less Renaissance Fairish as the tepee like stitching in the back is barely noticeable in the black colorway. I love it for its layering potential. I layer a lot and it is nice to have options instead of wearing the same old shirts underneath all the time. However, I would wear this alone for a casual weekend or going out look.

Details and Sizing:

Long sleeve scoop neck Henley with elaborate floral crochet detailing along the sleeves. 6-button placket. Ribbed collar. Shirt tail hem. Features raw seam detailing along the back.

*100% cotton
*Machine wash

Measurements for Size Small:
Length: 28"
Chest: 31"
Waist: 26"

As for sizing, I usually wear an XS in Anthropologie clothes and I got an XS in this. However, I have abnormally thin, stick arms. (I don't think my wrists and forearms have grown since childhood!)  If you have normal sized arms, I recommend sizing up as this shirt is tight in the arm area on me! I have a smaller bosom and thin shoulders, so sizing up is not an option. I like how it is clingy in the arm and chest area, but flows out from the waist. I dislike shirts that are too clingy in the stomach area! The crochet detailing in the sleeves is delicate, so you will need to be careful not to snag it on a watch etc. when taking it on and off. 

Here's some shots of the shirts. I just quickly threw on some things I typically layer with in the fall/winter. These are by no means outfits. It's funny, my gut feeling was to keep the black, but now I'm not even sure I want the black. This is why it is worth taking photos of outfits.

What do you think? Should I keep them both? Which do you prefer -- Charcoal or Black?

I really like this combo. My dad gave this Free People vest to me last year for Christmas.

I have the dandruff filter on here.

I didn't drape the vest as well here, but I just don't like the black on black as much.

With the Triple Strap Tank


  1. I definitely prefer the charcoal--if you're going to layer it most of the time, then you don't need to worry about the teepee back detail. The black seems very boring and basic, since the detailing gets lost.

  2. Thanks for the input! I agree, the photos of the black Henley are blah on me. It's going back.