Monday, October 24, 2011

My Closet: Jewelry Organization Part 2 - New System

My New Jewelry Organization System.

Here is my new and improved solution for organizing all my jewelry in one place: The Over the Door Jewelry Organizer by Longstem Productions. You can buy it from the Longstem site, but the best deal I found was from Brylane Home. Both sites list the organizer for $59.99, but you can use a coupon code to get a decent discount from Brylane. I scored a coupon code for 25% off and free shipping as well, I think. (I'm one of those crazy people that will spend 30 minutes scouring all the coupon sites for the best deal.) Here's my favorite site for coupon codes -- RetailMeNot. Right now you can get a coupon for free shipping, or a coupon for 25% off at Brylane. Be sure to check out the Longstem site. It is very detailed and has many more different options for you to buy. Brylane Home only offers the large organizer shown below.

I purchased the large version in white, but it also comes in a bronze finish. It can be hung over the door or mounted on the wall. The Longstem site offers several other options including a men's version with belt hooks, and a corner organizer. There's a mini organizer and several small wall mountable versions in butterfly, star and heart shapes too. The site claims the larger organizer can hold over 300 pieces, and I believe it.  My organizer is a little more "stuffed" than the product photo above. :)  

Here are some examples of how other people are using the organizer to display jewelry:

The photos below are of my organizer. I told you my mother had a lot of jewelry -- most of it was hers. :'(

My nicer jewelry is kept in a jewelry box on my dresser, but everything else is held here. Even though this seems jumbled, it is actually easy to get to each piece. I try to keep it somewhat grouped by color so it is easier to reach for coordinating pieces when I am getting ready. That's what I disliked about having the jewelry scattered in different places -- I couldn't actually see all of it at once, so I would forget about some pieces. (See previous post.) The only feature I dislike is the earring section. It's easy to hang earrings on the bottom row, but a little more effort is needed higher up. At first I thought that would really bug me as I have a lazy streak when it comes to menial tasks. However, for me, it is worth the extra effort to hang them as I can get ready a lot faster in the morning, and once again, it is nice to be able to see everything at a glance when putting together outfits. This wasn't cheap, but was SO worth it. I've already asked my Dad if he will get me one of the smaller versions for Christmas. I would like to mount it on the wall and hang my frequently worn pieces there in an effort to keep it all more eye pleasing. Plus, I think I'm nearing capacity. Ha, ha.

Full view of my over the door jewelry organizer.

At the top there are hooks for holding bracelets and rings. At the very top in the back there are hooks for holding shorter necklaces behind the bracelet hooks.

Here's a close-up of the top and middle section.  You can see the necklaces peeking behind the bracelets. Below this section is a spot for keeping other things. I use it for large bracelets. The tin holds my extra earring backs.

Here's a close-up of the earring section. You put your hand underneath to hook earrings in place with a back. I like placing them here by colors so I can better see what I have and how the earrings coordinate with my necklaces and bracelets at a glance.

Below are just more photos of how I organized the jewelry on the bottom section. As you can see, I tried to keep them together by color groups. 

Here's the two side views. I use the sides to hang extra long pieces of fragile jewelry that I don't want my cats to use as cat toys.

 I love having access to my clothes, shoes and accessories all in one place! I have a full length mirror by the jewelry organizer so I can check everything out without having to leave the closet. :D I have a couple of odd sized necklaces hanging on this coat rack. I kept the Bed Bath and Beyond hanger organizer to keep those same delicate pieces. I never or rarely wear that jewelry and they are mostly pieces from my mother and grandmother. However, they are right there with everything else when I need them.

That wraps up the jewelry portion of my closet makeover. I did want to add that most of the costume jewelry pieces are Liz Claiborne and Napier. Some of my favorite pieces are thrift store finds from my college days, Anthropologie (surprise) and Target. I love Target jewelry as it is cute and affordable. Many of the Target earrings are similar to nicer pieces and you can't tell a difference in quality while they are dangling from your ears. :) I wear the gray chrome lasso loop necklace ALL the time. It is probably my favorite go to necklace for concert wear. (On the far right of the last organizer photo above.)

Feel free to share any cool tips in the comments.

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  1. Thank you so much! I've been looking at this organizer for several days now and I couldn't seem to find a place where I could use a coupon. I can't seem to find a code that will give me free shipping and 25% off, but I found a 25% off one!!