Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Outfit: Giverny Tee -- Bring it back, Anthropologie!

I LOVE this shirt. It was one of my first purchases from Anthropologie circa 2005 or 2006??? It is very careworn now -- a little misshapen from multiple hand washings, a bit pilled on the surface, and the rolled sleeves are becoming unrolled, but I just love this shirt. I wish I could buy it again. If I could magically find a like new version of this shirt, I would lovingly take care of it this time and not take it for granted. :) OR, since Anthropologie loves rolling out different colorways and versions of the same clothing over and over again, why not bring back the Giverny Tee? This is my official campaign. 

(And while you're at it, I wouldn't mind having the Commuter Cardigan in a few more colors.)

Evidence of crawling on my knee. ha, ha.
This is what I wore on my birthday jaunt to the store. I feel funny wearing current clothing offerings from Anthropologie when I go shopping there, so I have to give some thought to putting together a non-Anthro outfit, or an older outfit that isn't so obvious. Ha, ha. Silly, I know, especially considering how it is my favorite store.

Frye Whispered Trails Boots - My favorite boots!

 I've given up on the pretense of matching my stabilizer boot to my outfits. Now if I want to wear a brown boot, I wear a brown boot, dag nab it!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Review: Swivel Revolution Top

Swivel Revolution Top

Happy early Birthday to Me! I went on a wee spending spree over the past couple of weeks. Don't worry, everything was discounted. :)  This was my little birthday gift to myself and a reward for making it through my work evaluation, (and the enormous amount of time spent preparing for it) and being miserable, in pain, and unable to walk or shop in stores for 9 weeks! (Plus, there's the tutoring money I rake in every week. It always seems to stretch to meet my every spending need. Ha, ha.)

With the help of my husband, I ventured out to Anthropologie during the 25% off sale promotion this week to check out the sale room and spend my birthday discount. I learned a valuable lesson, do NOT wait until sale time to use a birthday discount as it was more crowded and as such, the staff were very busy and a little less helpful than usual. Plus, I was uncomfortable hobbling around on my boot, and never more cranky about having to stoop and sift behind clothing on racks to find hidden gems.

 . . . to be continued below the review. 
(I'm trying to build up your anticipation -- some Anthro ranting to look forward to.)

I also bought, drum roll . . . two gray shirts! They came in other colors, I was prepared to venture out, but my husband agreed the gray seemed more me. I guess gray is like my green or blue for someone else. :)

On to the review! (finally)

I LOVE the Swivel Revolutions Top. It is so me. :D 

Warning: The delicate stitching on the arms has already ripped on one of the sleeves. It looks like a deep run in a pair of tights. I have no idea if I purchased it this way (duh) or, somehow managed to do it during my short try-on session and then dinner date later that night. If so, considering all I did was hobble in a restaurant, eat and then go home, I'd say the top is poorly constructed. I wish I hadn't fell in love with it. I'm sending my poor husband out tomorrow to try to trade it in for another one. They probably won't have it in my size and then I'll have deal with the whole birthday discount trauma again. I'm hoping it was ripped in the store as it was ill-used by some customer. Ha, ha. I'm willing to give it another try. I'll be folding this just to be safe.

Here it is layered over the Gathered & Give Top in gray. (obviously)

Gathered & Give Top

This is how I wore it out to a pre-birthday celebration with some friends.

With the Flipside Blazer

With my lovely bare white arms as an accessory.

I'll review the Gathered and Give Top soon. I trashed my try-on photos as the top REALLY needed to be steamed and I didn't really style it up.

Okay, back to the store trip rant:

Why does Anthropologie love to tuck things away? Beautiful dresses are crammed behind mediocre ones like an afterthought, instead of featured in their own setting. I especially dislike how clothing is stacked in shelves underneath tables to be overlooked or awkwardly discovered while stooping down, or on ones knees. Not especially easy normally -- try doing it with a stabilizer boot! I know, I know, it's supposed to be a treasure hunt. I get it. Couldn't it be a little easier? All grumping aside, I love the store and its quirky, if user-unfriendly aesthetic.

This is where I finally found the shirt I was looking for, the featured star on my birthday wishlist -- the Catalan Tee -- crammed underneath an out of the way table with stacks of plain everyday knit shirts. 

Out of everything I tried, this shirt was hands down, my favorite and my husband's favorite. The small fit fine, but the sleeves were a bit looser than I'd like. (I have STICK arms.) Of course, there were none left in my size, but I bought the small anyway and then ordered it online in XS to compare. (It is on backorder.) Hopefully, I will be able to get it, but I won't get the birthday discount . . . grrrr. Or can I? Has anyone ever attempted this?

Please, Anthropologie, give us a choice of using our birthday discount online or in the store without going through customer service hoops. (I'm shy and avoid dealing with CS calls.) I would have spent a lot more money online and I'd have been a lot more comfortable doing it. You know, retail therapy for dealing with this stupid foot for 9 weeks. It would be so easy to put an online code on the store discount card . . . .

I asked about a few things on my wishlist, but had no luck. I was prepared to get myself a nice full priced dress, but none of the lovelies I was eyeing just a few weeks earlier were there! I even toyed with purchasing the AG snake leggings but no, they weren't there either.

Negatives out of the way, I did score a couple of things in the sale room off my wishlist. Yay! I got the  Wispy Pointelle Cardi in dark gray and red, and then during the Black Friday sale, I purchased the white. I'm not keeping them all -- hopefully, but I am a serial multiple purchaser of items that I love. I am undecided about the gray, LOVE the red and really liked the white when I tried it on in the store, but wasn't sure if it would look good with sleeved dresses as it is so see through. I did score a few more things on Black Friday. I'll let you know about them as they filter in. Fingers crossed, it looks like everything is on schedule to ship or has shipped with no cancellations except for a popback necklace that I knew was a longshot anyway.

Blah, blah, blah . . . till next time . . . .

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Popback Try On Session: Lucerna Dress

I received this "popback" about a week after my injury and so I never felt like trying it on until yesterday when I had a burst of energy and tried on a couple of new things. I haven't steamed it yet, so it is very wrinkled in the photos.

This is one of my new favorite dresses. I love it as it actually, if you look closely, (but DON'T) gives the illusion of a little cleavage. GASP! I have been a stick my whole life so I love it when I find something that makes me look a bit curvy. :D

I tried it on with a couple of necklaces. 

 My knees are starting to look icky from crawling around and I need a tan. My husband calls me THE RING because he says I remind him of the scary lady crawling around from that movie. :D If I have my stabilizer boot off, it is just easier to get from point A to point B right now if I scoot or crawl around.

This necklace is one of my love/not sure of sale purchases. (See Anthro Disorder. ha, ha.) I always wonder if it is too garish and have thought about taking off the row of hanging leaves. The matching bracelet is hanging because I need my husband to clasp it for me on the last link. (He has to take out links for me as my wrists are tiny twigs and NO bracelets fit me, even most elastic ones without someone "fixing" them for me.)

I also tried on the Ajisai dress I bought at the 50% off sales room a few weeks ago. I think I like it enough to keep it ($35), but am still on the fence. I would love some feedback. I'll share those photos soon.

Monday, November 7, 2011

OOTD: A Royal Pairing

Have I mentioned lately that I like to layer? Har, har. This pairing came about when I color coordinated my closet this summer. These two pieces ended up next to each other, and the rest is history. 

Royal Tapestry Top

Bartram Tee

This tank makes a great summer concert top, but paired with the Bartram Tee it is more appropriate for work, and a little less casual. I love the detail on the Tapestry Top. My horrible photos don't show all the gold/bronze brocade "embroidered" throughout the top -- you know, kind of like a royal tapestry. (yuck, yuck) :D 

My Target Earrings:

This is one of those shirts that never fails to be complimented by someone. I got the Royal Tapestry Top as a very welcome popback last year during a free shipping promotion. Yay!

World Over Cargos, Seychelles Gallium ankle boot, black air stabilizer boot

Sunday, November 6, 2011

7 Week Anniversary of Foot Injury and Passerine Tee Outfit

In honor of the seven week anniversary of my foot injury, I thought I'd share my fall version of the Passerine Tee. It's only fitting as this is the top I was wearing when I wrenched my foot. I haven't worn it since, but decided to wear it out yesterday. Read on below for an update on my stupid foot. :D

I love to layer. Here's the Passerine Tee paired with my FAVORITE layering shirt, the Pure and Good Slub Tee. It is very delicate, so I hand wash it and hang it flat to dry. I have this tee in black, white and red and wish I had been able to find all the colors on sale last year. This is one of my favorite necklaces (Target). 

 Below is the finishing touch -- my favorite boyfriend blazer, The Borrowed Blazer. It seems like the year this jacket came out, Anthropologie had a ton of great jackets and blazers. I had a hard time choosing and wish now I had gotten more than a couple as lately none of the blazers have really appealed to me.
Borrowed Blazer

Foot Update
My foot has gotten worse over the past couple of weeks. It feels like it is always waking up from being asleep -- pins and needles feeling. Sometimes it feels ice cold and turns red or blue tinged. I get twitches/spasms in my foot and sharp shooting pains. My whole foot went from slightly swollen to yuck swollen all over. The severity of swelling, color changes and temperature changes come and go and now the bottom part of my leg is also twitchy and cold feeling as well. It just feels miserable. I went from taking an occasional Naproxen to having to take pain pills every day for the pain which makes me very sleepy all the time. I'm a VERY active, hyper person so this is driving me crazy! 

So, I had another MRI done last week. My tibialis posterior tendon is stretched with multiple tears and the tendon running along the ankle on the other side of my foot is also stretched. My whole foot is inflammed and filled with fluid -- tenosynovitis and tendinosis, there is also ligament damage, AND I have arthritis in several places from the surgeries for my skew feet. Most of this I already knew, although I wondered why the other side of my foot was swollen and hurt and now know that tendon was wrenched as well. That was the good news. Ha, ha. 

The bad news? The doctor brought up RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome) or Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (RSDS/CRPS). Yikes! He asked us if we knew what it is and gave a brief overview of nerves going haywire resulting in pain. He then talked about next steps and referred me to another doctor. This went over our heads because I really still didn't understand how serious this condition is. When my husband asked about a time frame for recovery, we were told this was a chronic disabling condition characterized by intense pain with no cure. Well, that got our attention, and we started asking more questions! Of course, I googled it right away and wish I hadn't.  One of my friends at work told me that this is what Dr. House has that makes him pop drugs all the time. GREAT! 

I need your prayers. I am refusing to believe this and am hoping that my foot is just so messed up with inflammation that this is causing my nerve responses. Plus, this wasn't a diagnosis just a suggestion of what it looks like is going on with my foot. So, pray, pray. Did I mention, pray? :)