Friday, December 23, 2011

Anthropologie Sale Reviews Part 3

Reviews of: Scavenger Hunt Bracelet in clear and grey, Peppering Skirt, Twisted Ascot Tee, Fleeting Seas Top, Borderline Belt, Arched Pleats Pullover, Renewed Fold Pullover

Just some quick photos of sale stuff. I'm not really going to do much commentary this time. For one reason, I'm not really sure if anyone is reading these posts and it takes a long time to put them together. However, I know how helpful it is for me to see items on someone that is similar in size to me, so hopefully this might help someone in deciding on some last minute 50% off sale purchases. 

I'm lucky in that there is a store about 30 minutes away from me, but I would much rather order from home, try on the clothes with what I have and then send back what doesn't work. Plus, when I do go to the store, most of what I am looking for isn't there or I can't find it in my size. That is why I love all the bloggers out there willing to put up photos and take the time to write up reviews for the community. It really helps me when deciding what to order.

All items pictured are XS or 0. I am on the high end of what is considered petite, at 5'4, and my weight fluctuates between 108 to 110. I'm not linking to anything because I'm pretty sure all of these items have sold out by now. 

These photos are up to my usual high standards -- enjoy. :D

Scavenger Hunt Bracelets
I am so happy with these. They didn't photograph well, (shocking) but they fit my twig wrists very well as is. The bracelets are adjustable but I don't want to mess with them! It is so hard for me to find bracelets, so I'm very pleased and happy that I scored these on sale. I'll probably get my crafty friend to trim the ends and reknot them as the ends are a bit dangly on me.

Scavenger Hunt Bracelet
Peppering Skirt and Twisted Ascot Tee
I just got this skirt and the bracelets yesterday. I waffled back and forth on the skirt and even deleted it from my wishlist at one point, only to put it back in. When I woke up bright and early for the 50% off sale, I couldn't believe it was sitting there in my wishlist for $35! I was worried about it being garish, but as others have said, photos don't do this skirt justice. I couldn't get any really good photos of the side or back, but the pattern continues and is just lovely. Reviewers around the same height as me, seemed to feel the length was too long, but I like the length on me. It falls just past my knees. However, it isn't a good length for boots. It needs to be longer or shorter, so it will be awhile until I can wear this skirt! :'(

I didn't want to take the time to decide between these photos, so I just threw them all on here. I always take photos of potential pairings with new items. It makes getting ready so much easier when you can grab your phone or iPad and look up potential outfits. It also helps me to see what I like and don't like together. For example, I tried on the Wispy Pointelle Cardi and liked it until I saw it in the photos.

I haven't been this enthused about an outfit in awhile. Excuse the awkwardness of the poses, but I was determined to try on this outfit with normal shoes so I had to prop my bad foot on my dressing stool. I'm wearing last year's Prized Peep Toe shoes in these pictures.

No belt

Awkward side view with Wispy Cardi. Look how sad my other leg looks -- the muscle is just gone after 3 months of no walking.

Borderline Belt
I really like the texture and contrasting colors on this belt, but it is one of those belts that doesn't center right with the buckle unless you are the perfect size. I'll need to try it on with more and experiment to decide if it is a keeper. 

Here it is with an Urban Outfitter's knock off  belt I got off of Ebay. The belt stunk to high heaven, but after airing out on my deck for a few days, the smell went away. These are easy to find. I think I paid around $12 or less, can't remember. I have it in chocolate brown as well.

Ta Dah! I wish I had a photographer to take a photo of this completed look because the photos don't bring out much, I'm afraid, but I love this with the Redux Jacket. 

Fleeting Seas Top
Ack! Not more gray! I swear I'm not buying anything else gray, unless it is really, really cool. I threw this in the cart because it was so cheap, I couldn't resist. It said Navy and in my hurry to be sure I got the skirt, I guess I didn't notice how very gray it is! It is really cute and I do love stripes. 

Arched Pleats Pullover, Renewed Folds Pullover
I wore this out last night. It looks kind of late 80's but I like it. :)

I love this jacket. I went into Marshalls last year to get some tights and walked out with three coats, all under $40 dollars each and very unique. I think the brand is Coffee Shop.??? I'm not going to pull on my boot or crawl to the closet to check the label. :) It was really hard to decide between all the cute coats they had that day. 

That's all folks for today. I do have more I can share if anyone is interested. Are these reviews helpful? Anyone out there? :) It's time to order the Honeybaked Ham.

Yours truly,