Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas OOTD: What are you in for? Repeat Outfit Offender

Stick 'em up, I've got a gun in my pocket, AND I'm not afraid of repeating variations of the same outfits within a few weeks period -- just TRY ME! :)

Example of my DUH posing.
On a more serious note, I was so happy to attend service at my church on Christmas Day. We sang lots of Christmas hymns and listened to an uplifting sermon, which helped to put the day into perspective for what it is really meant to be -- a celebration of the birth of Christ. 

I was a multiple repeat outfit offender thoughout the day. However, no one I was with was harmed in the process, nor has seen any of the said outfits, except for maybe my dad, and that's okay. :) I wore a variation of the Lucerna Dress pictured here (with a cream camisole) to church and then changed into a Christmas version of the Arched Pleats Pullover outfit to hang out with my family at my Dad's house. This was a difficult year for all of us, as my mother passed away in February of last year, so this was our first Christmas without her. 

Arched Pleats Pullover, Ann Taylor Loft shirt, Sweeping Pips necklace

Gasp! A real photo without speckles. I tried to get my husband to take a few shots, but too late, I discovered that he zoomed in on all of them but this one, so you couldn't actually see the outfit, bless his heart, so here are the normal inside shots below. For some reason, these came out pretty decent -- I have no idea why. I was even tempted not to crop out my head, but I just don't feel comfortable having my face out "there."

Arched Pleats Pullover with Banana Republic coat, and part of my head

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I finally get to see the foot specialist tomorrow, so here's to hoping for some good news . . . .