Thursday, December 1, 2011

Couple of Black Friday Reviews/Outfit Lucerna Dress

I don't know nothing about taking no pictures! I am such a horrible photographer. I have no idea what I am doing. I guess I need to read up on lighting because most of my photos end up with these tiny little white specks all over them making for a lovely linty look. Would Head and Shoulders fix it? Ha, ha.

I ended up wearing my popback Lucerna dress for the first time on my birthday, along with a couple of my Black Friday 50% off sale purchases. Everything I ordered trickled in one item at a time! I've had a package on my doorstep everyday this week, making for a FUN birthday week!  I actually wore this to work, but with an off white cami to make it somewhat more appropriate. These are photos I snapped before going out for my birthday dinner. Look away from my white knobby knees. ha, ha.

On to the reviews: 

Wispy Pointelle Cardi
I bought the Wispy Pointelle Cardi in dark gray, white, and red intending to keep just a couple -- not all three, but being a chronic serial-multiple-color-buyer, I have of course justified to myself why I should keep them all. (Plus, it is my birthday week. hee, hee) If I do send one back, it will most likely be the dark gray as I already have so many black cardigans. 

As the name says, it is indeed a wispy cardi, and therefore VERY delicate. I was sooo careful all day while wearing this. I really like these because they are cropped (I think shorter cardis look better on me with dresses.) and I like the delicate look. I also don't have any other sweaters that look anything like this. I tried on the red and white with a black cami for a more casual, cool look -- also with the Sweeping Pips necklace. I'm very satisfied with these, but would have never purchased them at full price as I will have to be very careful in order to avoid snags and holes. 

Sweeping Pips Necklace:
I LOVE this necklace. I am going to have to seriously restrain myself from wearing this several times throughout the week. I wear a lot of black, gray and red and this necklace looks fabulous with so many of my clothes. I needed another gray necklace so I would stop wearing my gray Target chrome knot necklace so much. WINNER!! I got compliments on it all day. People actually grabbed it and ran their fingers through the strands (Which was kind of weird now that I think about it.).

I also purchased the Golden Pinnate necklace in silver as a Target knot necklace alternative. I'll feature that necklace soon. Only problem? Now I want it in gold as well . . . :D


  1. That dress is so pretty and I love the boots with socks!

  2. And that necklace is wonderful! I went through a big tassel acquisition phase last year but never found the right grey version...nice find!

  3. Thanks, ladies! I'm all about the boots with socks! :) I'm in that necklace phase right now! I'm on the hunt for cool, interesting, long pendant style necklaces.