Thursday, December 29, 2011

More 50% Anthro Items for Review - Helpful for Popbacks?

More items that I scored during the 50% off sale at Anthropologie this December. Avery Pullover, Borderline Belt (with Tweedy Leaves dress), Renewed Folds Pullover, and Essentially Yours Top. That's all that's left except for the Glittering Persica Dress which I'm saving hopefully for a full outfit post.

I get better photo quality when I take the photos in the bathroom, but it is so much easier with my foot issues to just take them in my closet, so deal with the white specks. :D It's becoming my signature look after all.

Borderline Belt
In my humble opinion, this is the perfect belt to go with the Tweedy Leaves Dress. It has to be buckled on the 1st or 2nd buckle for the buckle to align perfectly, so you may want to size up. I tend to wear my belts higher so this works for me. When I tried to wear this with the Peppering Skirt, it sat lower and I had to buckle it on the 3rd buckle which made it off centered. It is actually a black belt with brown weaving, but still looks fine with this dress.

Tying it on with a dress to decide if the belt is a keeper.

Tweedy Leaves Dress, Borderline Belt, J Crew sweater

Renewed Folds Pullover
I love this top. It has shoulder pads! I'm still debating on whether to take them out.

Avery Pullover
I wanted this sooo badly. I was so worried I wouldn't get it during the promotion, but luckily there was one left in my size. I was sooo disappointed when I pulled it out and put it on. It did me no favors as it just seemed to hang on me and looked boxy. It also didn't flatter my small chest! 

So, I flung it to the top of my closet intending to return it. I only pulled it out today because I was going through what I wanted to take back and thought I would try it on for others who might be considering this as a popback item in their wishlists. 

Well, what do you know, now I think I like it, and when my husband came in from work while I was trying it on, he told me it was cute and he thought it looked good with the scarf. I still think it is boxy and doesn't do my bosom any favors, but I like the boho layered look. 

I got this for 50% off sale. Should I keep it or am I suffering once again from my well documented 7 Stages of Anthro Shopper Mind Control DisorderHelp! (You won't hurt my feelings.)

Avery Pullover, Iznik Scarf,  Renewed Fold Pullover
 P.S. I still don't know what I'm doing with wearing a scarf. I need to google it. ;)

Essentially Yours Top
Almost paper thin but very soft. You have to wear a camisole under this and a neutral colored bra as well. I love the slight cowl neck. This will make a great layering shirt, and will give my poor Pure and Good Slub Tee a much needed break. :) I would love to score a popback in the red.

Essentially yours,