Monday, January 2, 2012

Stripes: Outfit from the Archives and Foot Update

This may very well be my favorite recent outfit. I wore this to work this fall and the construction workers seemed to like it very much. ha, ha. Everything was purchased on sale except for the Tom's wedges -- I don't think they make it to sale. I think I got my money's worth on this shirt!

Banana Republic outlet, fall 2010
Ann Taylor Outlet: skirt and shirt, fall 2010
Tom's wedges and looping lanes belt (tan)

Trying out belts. I decided I preferred the neutral looping lanes belt  over this chocolate brown one.

Here are various weekend looks.

AG Stevie jeans, Slate Saddlebag Purse

Till later,

Foot Update:

I've now been on Lyrica for 6 days. I don't really notice an improvement, but I'm also not noticing any side effects either, and I don't think I've gained weight. I'll weigh tomorrow morning as that will be officially the one week mark. From what I understand, it takes at least one week to notice anything from taking Lyrica. I only take 1 pill at night. At first it made me very sleepy, but now I am getting used to it and I'm also getting used to taking a whole Tramadol pill without getting excessively sleepy. I'm not sure this is good news. (doper) Ha, ha.

I have developed a new symptom. Well, I've been experiencing twitches and spasms in my foot since the beginning, but now they are much, much worse and are quite frankly, driving me insane. I'm hoping that it is simply the physical therapy waking up unused muscles and causing them to go haywire as it seems to be worse at night after I've done my exercises in the afternoon. All of my toes go side to side and I feel it all down my foot. Then sometimes the muscles spasms are in my ankle joint area and cause my whole foot to jerk  to the side. I've tried every position known to man to try to get them to stop but nothing seems to help. The only time it seems to calm down is when my husband gives me a gentle foot massage. So, you guessed correctly, my poor husband is giving me a lot of those these days while he watches T.V. and I play on my iPad or read a book. :) 

The cold sensations haven't been as bad, but I have been feeling more warmth in the bad foot. It even feels warmer to the touch. This syndrome is so weird and I don't want any part of it. I have been diligently doing my P.T. exercises and have been making sure I keep up with my pain medicine.  I've also been doing a lot of praying and shamelessly asking all my friends to add me to their prayer lists and prayer groups at church.

Here is a really interesting diagram that explains the insane process of RSD/CRPS. 
Source International Research Foundation for RSD/CRPS. The diagram and text in blue were copied from the site.

Activation of the sympathetic nervous system following an injury is part of a fright-flight response to an emergency situation. This response is very important for survival. For example, firing of sympathetic nerves causes blood vessels in the skin to contract, forcing blood deep into muscle and enabling the victim to use his muscle to get up after an acute injury and escape from further danger. Also the decreased supply of blood to the skin reduces blood loss through superficial injuries that may occur on the surface of the body. 

Here's what I find to be interesting:
Ordinarily, the sympathetic nervous system shuts down within minutes to hours after an injury. For reasons we do not understand, individuals who go on to develop RSD / CRPS, the sympathetic nervous system appears to assume an abnormal function. Theoretically, this sympathetic activity at the site of injury could cause an inflammatory response causing the blood vessels to spasm leading to more swelling and pain. (See B, C, and D in Figure 1) The events could lead to more pain which triggers another response, establishing a vicious cycle of pain. And this is why I'm taking my pain meds regularly now!!

I go back to work tomorrow, so that should be interesting. I went to my room after P.T. on Friday and was unable to keep my foot down on the ground without severe shooting pains -- the kind that make you yell out "AAGH." If I kept my foot propped up I was fine. My foot also got cold, prickly and turned deep reddish purple. 

Oh, have I mentioned that I had to move my room over break from a portable into the building? My husband is there now. He wouldn't let me come and help. He's trying to unpack as many boxes as possible and at least get the furniture in place. We will worry about aesthetics later. 

I don't know what I'm going to do with 24 children now that my foot has gotten worse. :'( I work with a very supportive staff and have a great group of kids. I also have a rolling chair in my room so I'll make great use of that! :D  If I can make it through the room set up, and get report cards finished, I'll be able to breathe for awhile. 

Trying to be tough,