Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Review: Made to Measure Tee by Weston Wear

Just a quick review and then a foot update for my RSD readers.

Made to Measure Tee
This will look better with a tan. I am so WHITE and pasty right now -- time to get out the self-tanner. :)

I bought this with my 25% off apology discount and with birthday money from my dad. I initially purchased the XS, my standard size in all shirts at Anthropologie and in Weston Wear dresses, but the ruching around the stomach area was very tight and unflattering on me, so I exchange it for a small. The small doesn't fit as snugly in the shoulder area, but fits much better in the tummy. It is still a bit clingy on me.

I do think the ruching on the sleeves, sides and stomach area adds interest to the shirt, and I love the pattern and the length of the sleeve. Wouldn't this pattern have made a great version of the Soft Structured Dress? I would have loved this in a dress, Weston Wear.

Unless you have a very small waist, you will want to size up in this shirt. I think in the six years I've shopped at Anthropologie, only a few XS tops have not worked out for me, so this top is truly clingy.

Helpfully yours,

Foot Update (RSD/CCRP)
I hope these updates will be helpful for someone else contending with RSD. I have looked for something similar, but unfortunately and sadly, have found mostly accounts of dealing with the pain of RSD from people that have been suffering for years. Many stories are discouraging and shocking and I just can't read them right now because they freak me out. So, it is my hope that  since I was diagnosed within three months that I am going to beat RSD, and thereby offer up a success story in the months to come. I'm going out fighting anyway. :D

So, here is the latest news:
I've been on Lyrica for a week now and am still not experiencing any side effects. I was warned by my doctor about water retention and weight gain, but (knock on wood) I still weigh exactly the same as I did last week -- 108.8. What are the odds of that?

The spasms in my foot continued today but were more intermittent, thank goodness. However, during my faculty meeting this morning, they got so bad, I had to hold my leg because it was jerking from side to side. I asked my physical therapist about it today and he thinks the physical therapy is probably contributing to them. The stress of moving back into my room and getting ready for the kids to come tomorrow, probably isn't helping. :D The spasms pretty much stopped by the afternoon and haven't been as intense or as frequent tonight. :)

I was told by my physical therapist that the therapy will start getting more intense as there is research that intense physical therapy can really help RSD. He shared a DVD in which children with this disorder had great success with five hour a day therapy sessions. Well, I'm not going to that extreme, but we did do much harder exercises and he made me work through the pain. He told me that before I finish with P.T., I will end up screaming at him, hating him or screaming and cussing aloud. He told me that is the norm for RSD P.T. patients and that some give up because they can't take the pain. I reassured him that I am highly motivated, I don't cuss and I will not scream at him or give up. He gave me that knowing look like, "We'll see." Well, I did do a couple of minor UGHS during one of the harder exercises, but I did fine. I did a few major UGHS once I got home from shooting pain flashes, but that is the norm with this stupid disorder and the P.T. is just making it worse for now.

Today he began  by working on desynthesizing my foot by vigorously rubbing it and massaging it with a rough towel. Then I did the usual abc's, circles, stretches, toe scrunches and toe and heel lifts. The exercise that caused me to scream out and bite my lip involved leaning forward and holding onto the P.T. table, while shifting my weight from side to side. Then I had to do little marching type steps while holding the table. I also rotated my foot on this thing that was the shape of a garbage can lid with a ball underneath. (He would laugh at this totally stupid description.) I had to put my foot on it, and make the "lid" touch down on four sides. That was the hardest exercise that I did. It made my foot go into spasms.

Okay, gotta go -- it's a "school" night. :D