Friday, December 30, 2011

Three Ways to Wear Cool Tones Top & CRPS P.T. O.O.T.D.

Do you like all my acronyms? :) Here are a few ways I've worn out my Cool Tones Top from Anthropologie taken from my outfit archives. I think I really wore it more during the fall and winter last year than I did during the warmer months. I prefer it layered over a shirt -- surprise.

Here it is layered over my favorite layering top, the Pure and Good Slub Tee. I've probably written this before, but I wish they had brought this tee back in more colors. It was ridiculously overpriced for what it is, so I had to wait for sale, and by then I could only get it in red, black and white. They are perfect for layering as they are thin, just low enough at the neck, and have interesting detail at the neck and cuff.

This time I layered it over a collared shirt with cuffs -- an old DKNY top. I had some WILD hair that night. I don't know the brand or name of these shoes. I got them on sale at the Gap. They are really cute and pretty comfortable for the height.

Then I threw on one of my favorite blazers, the Flipside Blazer. This is the year that Anthro had so many cool blazers, I had to pick and choose, and really wish I had gotten more because I love this style, and there haven't been any I've been interested in this season!

CRPS / RSD Update (Click here for more information about this condition.)
So far so good on the Lyrica. As I said before, it makes me extremely sleepy when I take it before bed, but it doesn't give me a lingering hung over feeling in the morning. I woke up with a horrendous headache yesterday that never really went away. I still had it when I went to bed, but no headache today. I'm not sure if this is even related to the Lyrica or Tramadol. So I hope this helps anyone else like me that was scared to take this drug.

In physical therapy today, we started with desentization exercises. She gently rubbed my foot all over for about 5 lovely, wonderful minutes and then she switched to rubbing it with a soft piece of material, then to a sheet, and then she rubbed it all over with a rough towel. Apparently, one of the nice symptoms of RSD, which I have yet to feel thank goodness, is extreme sensitivity to touch. So part of my treatment will be activities such as these to try to keep this from happening. We then moved on to the usual abc's, circles, and towel stretches, but she added heel raises, toe taps, and toe scrunches. I've been very impressed with both therapists I've seen. We laughed the whole time about one thing or another and especially when I would catch my other foot trying to go through the same motions as the bad foot. It was hilarious. I had to really concentrate to keep my good foot still. It's like the good foot was rooting on the bad foot, "Come on little buddy, you can do it! Like this -- see?" Yes, if you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a dork. ha, ha.

Here's my Physical Therapy OOTD. :)

My new and improved stabilizer boot. This one fits much better.

I love these Nike warm-up jackets. I have a couple, but wish I had gotten more. I really end up wearing them more as a shirt as I get cold very easily. I got these at the Nike Outlet along with the workout pants.

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