Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My First Attempt at Tying a Scarf: Iznik Scarf with the Monologue Top

Although, I'll admit to deriving some enjoyment from putting together outfits, I have no idea what I'm doing. Why do you think I started reading style blogs? 

That really doesn't matter though. I don't style for this silly blog or buy things that I think would be blog worthy, because this blog is just my way of trying to "share back" to the community. I am always looking for ideas for putting together outfits, so it is my hope that maybe one day I can help out someone else! If I happen to put together something that looks share worthy I will . . . share it! (For example, this scarf! I searched for someone else's take on styling the Iznik scarf and came up with nothing!)

I just buy what I like and hope for the best. Why so much Anthropologie? Well, for one, I like Anthropologie and no one I know really shops there, so my clothes are "different" and unique because of this.  I LOVE the sales and it is so easy to order from there as I know my size and how certain brands will fit. Secondly, I HATE shopping in malls and trying on clothes in stores. I would much rather order from the comfort of my own home, try on the clothes with my accessories and then send back what doesn't work -- also, I'm lucky in that I can ship back for free. 

I enjoy reading Anthropologie blogs, but there are only a few that feature more casual looks and embody my sense of  . . . well, whatever my style is. (I never know what to check on the reviews page. I usually end up choosing Bohemian, layered and quirky as my option.) I hope to help fill that void. :D  

Blah, blah, blah, stream of consciousness over. So, what was I writing about anyway? Oh yeah, the scarf. On to the scarf, already. Maybe I should retitle this post. Ha, ha.

Iznik Scarf and Monologue Top

I think I got off topic because I wanted to make the point that this is the first time I have attempted to wear a scarf as an accessory and not just as a means to keep my neck warm on a cold day. 

How many of you can relate to the following? When I first bought and tried on the Iznik Scarf, my husband said it was stupid and it overwhelmed my little frame. Today when I emerged from my room ready for work, he went on and on about how much he liked the scarf. Of course, I'm sure he has no memory of his original negative comments. I've learned to not listen to him. :D

Lots of laughter,