Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Called Out In the Dark - Dark Gray Reviews That Is

Oh, ha, ha. I'm going stir crazy. However, I'm still dutifully resting my stupid foot. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy listening to music and going to concerts? That's how I injured my foot -- while on stage (Actually, while leaving the stage) at a concert after being pulled up there by one of my FAVORITE artists. More on that later, I don't feel comfortable enough with you all yet to share this most wondrously exciting yet embarrassingly klutzy moment with you yet. You'll have to wait on that. If you are curious about what I'm listening to, click on my profile for a short list of my favorite groups. I couldn't possibly list them all. :)

While writing up this round of reviews, I had the genius idea to look to see if the new Snow Patrol album is on Grooveshark and it is. They are a group from Ireland probably best known for "Chasing Cars" here in the U.S. I discovered them via Pandora about 3 or 4 years ago and amazingly enough, I had never heard any of their music until then, even the ubiquitous "Chasing Cars." I got hooked on "Run" and "Chocolate" with the result being that starting with the album Final Straw -- my favorite of all -- I ended up buying all of the albums and becoming a firm fan. That's how I roll. I find a band and if I love them, I buy the albums and support the live shows.

So anyway, listening to the Snow Patrol album straight through for the first time (Not out in the U.S. yet.) and enjoying what I'm hearing so far. Gary Lightbody is hilarious, witty, has a way with words, and is a bit adorable. Well, actually all the band members are. That's a huge reason why I like them so much. Here we are hanging out. ha, ha. (That's right, I get around.) Nathan Connolly is on the other side but I had to crop him out to preserve my anonymity. Could I look any happier or dorkier? I told them I am a blinker in photos and Gary said, "Oh, should we blink as well?" I said, "No!" emphatically and that's why we are all cracking up. Bonus: I didn't blink.

Me and G.
He is really tall. I look tiny next to him.
So, here's a song to enjoy while reading this amazingly witty and insightful review of two tops that haven't been styled, taken with a crappy camera in crappy lighting, with the end result being . . . crappy photographs. I'm delirious. This is only day 4 of bedrest. What am I going to do?

(Gary Lightbody is the "real" lead singer in the green tshirt in the video below.)

After watching this, check out some of their older videos. 

Well, enough of that nonsense. I've managed to twitter, blog and thoroughly procrastinate my day away. It's almost time for my husband to come home and save me from my delirium. Have I mentioned lately how wonderful he is? While I've been lying around, he took off from work, finished packing up my room and helped move everything back into the building. He wouldn't even let me come supervise. What a saint. I'm getting my dinner order ready as I write. ha, ha.

Madeira Tank

Nice armpit shot. I'm not charging extra for that.
I purchased this during the 50% off sale promo. I think this can be styled up pretty cool and will look better with a tan, a shirt layered underneath or paired with a boyfriend blazer. It was ridiculously cheap. This is the XS and it fits a bit loosely.

Gathered and Give Top

'll leave you with another birthday discount purchase that does not photograph well. This is my second attempt. It really brings out the low light dandruff fleck look that my camera is so fond of. So, I give up. Here it is, spots and all. :) Bonus - I'm all about the bonus -- the dandruff shirt is shown with my Target silver lasso necklace and the silver Golden Pinnate necklace. Now how do you like that? 

Gathered and Give Top, Golden Pinnate Necklace (silver)

This shirt really layers well under other looser shirts, so there's another bonus for you. Here it is paired under the Swivel Revolutions Top. 

Now do you see why I shared the video? Not much to see here. Now, move along.

Yours truly, 

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  1. I really like that music video- and your recent purchases! Especially the second top!