Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Outfit: Giverny Tee -- Bring it back, Anthropologie!

I LOVE this shirt. It was one of my first purchases from Anthropologie circa 2005 or 2006??? It is very careworn now -- a little misshapen from multiple hand washings, a bit pilled on the surface, and the rolled sleeves are becoming unrolled, but I just love this shirt. I wish I could buy it again. If I could magically find a like new version of this shirt, I would lovingly take care of it this time and not take it for granted. :) OR, since Anthropologie loves rolling out different colorways and versions of the same clothing over and over again, why not bring back the Giverny Tee? This is my official campaign. 

(And while you're at it, I wouldn't mind having the Commuter Cardigan in a few more colors.)

Evidence of crawling on my knee. ha, ha.
This is what I wore on my birthday jaunt to the store. I feel funny wearing current clothing offerings from Anthropologie when I go shopping there, so I have to give some thought to putting together a non-Anthro outfit, or an older outfit that isn't so obvious. Ha, ha. Silly, I know, especially considering how it is my favorite store.

Frye Whispered Trails Boots - My favorite boots!

 I've given up on the pretense of matching my stabilizer boot to my outfits. Now if I want to wear a brown boot, I wear a brown boot, dag nab it!